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    She ... holds both hands out to me, palms up, so that I can see the criss-crossing pattern on each wrist. The scar tissue is white, a dead white, almost a match for the hue of her skin.


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Enter the Fanboy Art Contest!

Hello and welcome to the first-ever Fanboy and Goth Girl art contest!


Want an iPod? Sure you do — everybody wants one. Even if you already have one you probably want a second one. So, here’s how you can win one. It’s pretty easy…

In the novel, both Fanboy and Goth Girl are obsessed with comic books. Fanboy goes one step further and draws them! Art is a very important part of their lives.

So… You make some art!

That’s right — here’s your chance to make the world of Fanboy and Goth Girl come alive in artwork!

The rules are simple…

  1. Get creative! Draw a comic book page! Paint a portrait! Do a sketch! Whatever you want, as long as it’s artwork.
  2. Post your artwork somewhere on the internet — on your web site, your Flickr account (you can get FREE Flickr accounts!), on your MySpace page, etc. (If you can’t post online, you can snail mail your artwork click here for details.)
  3. Fill out the form below — make sure you paste in the address to your artwork!!!!!!
  4. OR…e-mail your artwork to fanboyandgothgirl/at/gmail.com. (Take out the slashes and use @ instead of “at”…but you knew that, right?)
  5. If you have something cool you want to say about your artwork — like why you made it or your name or whatever — include that in the form or the e-mail and we’ll add it as a caption to the artwork!
  6. Within 24 hours, we will grab your e-mail OR go to your spot on the web, grab your artwork, and post it on this special page.
  7. You’ll get an e-mail showing you where your artwork is. Send it to your friends and tell them to vote for your art!
  8. Now you’re entered to maybe win the iPod!

Whoever gets the highest star rating and the most votes WINS! (So if two people are tied at five stars, for example, the one who got to five with the MOST votes wins. If there’s STILL a tie, then the staff at Fanboyandgothgirl.com will pick the winner from the tied entries.)

Better yet, you can help determine which iPod will be the prize! If fewer than 50 people enter the contest, the prize will be an iPod shuffle. But if 51-100 enter, the prize will be an iPod nano. And if more than 101 people enter, the prize will be a full-size iPod! So, tell your friends to enter and get those entries coming in!

(Also, be sure to read the complete rules before you enter!)

The contest ends on September 11!
We’ll be posting entries as they come in. Click on the image below to see them.

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(Oh, and if you want to be notified every time a new piece of art goes up, go here and subscribe to the Fanboy Art Contest!)

PLEASE NOTE! This contest is open to anyone 13-21 years old.

Use this form OR e-mail your artwork to fanboyandgothgirl/at/gmail.com!

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