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    She ... holds both hands out to me, palms up, so that I can see the criss-crossing pattern on each wrist. The scar tissue is white, a dead white, almost a match for the hue of her skin.


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Bendis! Speaks (Again)

Hey, Bendis fans are pretty lucky these days — it’s only been a week or so and already there’s another cool, extensive interview with BMB on Newsarama.

Somehow I guess I missed the announcement of this Ultimate Power thing, which Bendis describes as:

It’s a Squadron Supreme/Ultimate Universe team-up. I’ll be writing the first three issues, (J. Michael) Straczynski is writing the middle three issues and Jeph Loeb is going write the last three issues. Just about everybody who is anybody is showing up in the book.

I don’t really like JMS’s writing that much, but I’ll at least give it a try. I know a lot people fight over whether or not there should be a crossover between the Ultimate Universe and the normal Marvel U., but this seems like a pretty cool compromise.

Bendis dishes a little bit on the upcoming Ultimate Spidey Annual which sounds cool:

a big crime story for this second annual and it has Ultimate Daredevil, Moon Knight returns and the Punisher. And they’re all going to fight Ultimate Kangaroo.

I don’t know who or what Kangaroo is. I’ll have to check.

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