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    "Here is a novel that contains both the hopeful resilience of childhood and the shadow of despair. It takes graphic novels seriously as an art form and gives no easy answers. What a find."

    Sonja Bolle, Newsday


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Contest Entry…

Although Fanboy has Cal, I believe what he wants more than anything in the world, would be a true best friend. Maybe he doesn’t realize it, but I think he really wants someone like Kiara. There are things he doesn’t like about her, but he has a lot of fun with her, and trusts her. I think he just wants someone to hang-out with, and be able to cry in front of too. Someone that understands him, and likes him for who he is. Overall, just a best friend to be there for him. A true friend.

One Response to “Contest Entry…”

  1. jenny says:

    i feel like he wants something more thant that. but that’s cool