Contest Entry…

Fanboy doesn’t know it but what he wants more than anything in the world is a mentor. A Dr.Cox or an Obi-Wan (though in the case of Fanboy Professor Xavier would be more appropriate). Everyone that he meets he subconsciously files away as a potential mentor. And if they fail the test they go on The List.

Goth Girl is the closest thing that Fanboy has come to a mentor. She is unconventional, yes, but she still takes care of him. She makes him happy, and yet still manages to keep him in line.

Fanboy tells us two of three things that he wants more than anything in the world. Only two. Not because he wants to be annoyingly cryptic, but because he himself doesn’t even know.

One Response to “Contest Entry…”

  1. jenny says:

    so does this means he want goth girl?