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    She ... holds both hands out to me, palms up, so that I can see the criss-crossing pattern on each wrist. The scar tissue is white, a dead white, almost a match for the hue of her skin.


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Contest Entry…

I think all Fanboy wants is a normal life. Everyday in school is the worst day of his life. He wonders how it feels to be a normal kid. No one judging you, everyone smiling at you, being yourself and people accepting who you are. He’s been through so much suffering, he lost hope in his heart, and it just made him think that if he meets new people, they would all be the same and they would judge him. Almost all his life, he’s been wishing that he would fit in, and up until now, he still hasn’t.

One Response to “Contest Entry…”

  1. jenny says:

    i don’t think that’s what he really want. not that he’s talked to dina, he’s bosted with confidnet, it’s not hard for him to be normal anymore. he wants something deeper, somthing that’s impossible like his first two.