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    She ... holds both hands out to me, palms up, so that I can see the criss-crossing pattern on each wrist. The scar tissue is white, a dead white, almost a match for the hue of her skin.


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Contest Entry…

All right, fine… here’s what I want. The third thing.

I want Lyga to tell everyone my name. There’s one time in the book when Mom calls me Donnie and that’s it. People read three hundred pages about me and they’re thinking of me as Donnie? And everyone else just calls me Fanboy. I swear to God, I’m not sure which is worse. Even the guys on The List got full names. I’m the main character. Can’t I get the same respect as the Jock Jerks?

… God. I really do sound needy. Forget I said anything.

– “Fanboy”

3 Responses to “Contest Entry…”

  1. Chriss says:

    😀 I like that one! That’s an interesting want!

    -Chriss the Extra Ordinary Girl

  2. Spike says:

    I remember thaT! O_O whoa. xd I LUVS IT!!!

  3. jenny says:

    i like this. it’s interesting, i don’t think i even know his name. but i just keep reading, that just says it’s a good book.