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    With my peripheral vision I catch her hands moving, then the bra falling away. I can not tear my eyes away from her eyes.

    Yes, I can. I'm a guy.


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Contest Entry…

I believe that the third thing is to be able to have a better family relationship. His family is so messed up and it seems like it could be the only thing he would really want. In the beggening of the book, he states clearly all the messed up details about his life at home and how he hates it. So, maybe that’s what it is.

2 Responses to “Contest Entry…”

  1. Garreth says:

    I Kind of agree with this above, however in its own respect, the family problem was his problem, not theirs. His family was always there, even when his mom seemed to be distraught she came to her senses like a good parent and just talked to Fanboy. So personally i believe it may be his want to grow and accept others as much as they may or may not accept him.(He just wants to fit in). I could be all wrong but… thats just my personal opinion =) good day!

    P.S I am in love with this amazing novel

  2. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    Hey, that sounds pretty good! You should write it up and submit it for the contest.