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    When Mom first told me that she was pregnant, I thought I'd puke.... A week or so later, I e-mailed Planned Parenthood and had them send a bunch of brochures about abortion to our address. That didn't go over very well.


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Enter the “Third Thing” Essay Contest!

Hello and welcome to the first-ever Fanboy and Goth Girl contest!

The contest is now closed! Go here to see the entries. The winner will be announced by the end of February, 2007.

The rules of the contest are still listed below, just in case you’re curious…

Want an iPod? Sure you do — everybody wants one. Even if you already have one you probably want a second one. So, here’s how you can win one. It’s pretty easy…


You could win an iPod shuffle…

In the novel, there are three things that Fanboy wants more than anything. He tells you two of them…but not the third.

So… You decide the third!

That’s right — you come up with that magical third thing. Explain what it is and — here’s the important part — why Fanboy wants it. Do this in under 100 words and fill out the form below and you’re entered to maybe win the iPod!


…or an iPod nano…

Better yet, you can help determine which iPod will be the prize! If fewer than 50 people enter the contest, the prize will be an iPod shuffle. But if 51-100 enter, the prize will be an iPod nano. And if more than 101 people enter, the prize will be a full-size iPod! So, tell your friends to enter and get those entries coming in!

Oh, by the way — Spelling and punctuation count! Spend some time on this and get it right. Yeah, we know — it’s like school. But does school hand out free iPods? Didn’t think so. (Also, be sure to read the rules!)


…or a full-size iPod!

The contest ends on February 15!
We’ll be posting entries as they come in. You can visit this page to see them.

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PLEASE NOTE! This contest is open to anyone 21 years old or younger. IF YOU ARE UNDER 13, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

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