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Bendis Interviews Meltzer

I haven’t really read a lot of Brad Meltzer’s work because he’s mainly an old school DC guy and all of that continuity gives me a headache. But this week, The Man — BMB — interviewed Meltzer on Wizard Universe and the two of them talked a lot about the creative process and stuff like that. It was very interested, especially when they get into the similarities of the upcoming Mighty Avengers and Meltzer’s recently-released Justice League of America.

But I guess what really got me was the discussion on page 4 about how they feel comics measure up as a medium. They talk about how comics are often first to market with new ideas and new trends, beating out movies and TV. I’ve always felt that that’s true and it’s cool to see these two big names agree. I mean, we all complain about comics being late and stuff like that, but the fact of the matter is that comics can react faster than just about any other medium. In the time it takes to make a movie, publish a book, or master a CD, you can have an entire mini-series out there in public.

Pretty cool, huh? And something to think about if you have an artistic urge or a message to get out.

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