(Almost) Live from the Pittsburgh Comicon

While I heard some people saying it was slow and other people saying it was better than last year, I can’t comment on how this compares… it’s my first Pittsburgh Comicon.

And so far it’s been very, very cool.

I stood in a very long line and waited quite a while, but I got to meet Brian Michael Bendis. He’s shorter than I imagined, but everything he said about comics was very cool. Despite the line, he really seemed to take his time with everyone. It was like he was happy to be there talking with us. I had a lot of questions in mind to ask him, but it seemed like everyone else asked then just before I got before I got to the head of the line. So I just thanked him for his run on Daredevil. He was pretty cool about it.

Also saw Mike Oeming and rode in an elevator with Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, all of whom were very nice.

There are a lot of old comics here and some girls from Hooters who look like they’re 13. I’m not much older than that, but that’s sort of creepy.

More if I can.

C U l8tr.

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2 Responses to “(Almost) Live from the Pittsburgh Comicon”

  1. Fanboy says:

    Dude, you met Bendis.

    You. Met. Bendis.

    I hate you. (j/k)

  2. Cal says:

    I thought you hated all the internet shorthand, Fanboy! Ha!