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Barry Bonds – 715

Barry Bonds hit homerun number 715 the other day.

And as disappointed as I am with him about his personal conduct, it was still a monster shot and the fans still went crazy.

I just think they would have gone crazier without the controversy. I was listening to a sports radio talk show and the host pointed out this is the first time in 85 years that Babe Ruth wasn’t in the top 2 in home runs. Considering that he’s the guy who changed the game, that’s amazing.

I’ve also got to say that one of the greatest things was that no one mentioned that he’s black. That’s a weird thing to pin “progress” on, but with the steroids scandal and Bond’s notorious lack of courtesy with the media, it was at least something that the racial issue didn’t come up.

Since this day was coming for a long time, I’ve had a chance to read up on the death threats and negativity that Hank Aaron faced. Unbelievable stuff — it was already the 1970s!

Take your positives where you can find them, I guess.

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