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Bendis! Alert — New Avengers #22

Oh, man, my computer was down for days so I missed it when they posted the Marvel solicits for July. I just saw this now:



Pencils & Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU
Brian Bendis teams up, for the first time, with comics superstar Leinil Yu to tell the story that no one thought would ever be told. . It’s brother against brother as Luke Cage is forced to take sides in the super hero Civil War!! With a new wife and baby hanging in the balance, what will Cage do?
32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

How cool is that? See, this is what I love about Bendis’s work: He takes this massive, earth-shaking story like Civil War and then he turns it on its side and shows you the human element, the quiet moments. It’s like that movie Signs. My dad let me watch it when I was visiting him once and he thought it was slow and boring, but I got it — the director was saying, “You’ve seen alien invasion movies a million times and they’re all the same, they’re all about the heroes. But this one is about one family in the middle of nowhere, struggling to survive in the middle of this invasion.”

And that’s like what Bendis is doing. It’s like what he DOES. We’ve seen superhero fights and massive crossovers before, but how often do we get to see the human side of it, the ramifications, the personal stuff? Not often enough, and now Bendis is making up for that.

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