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Bendis New Avengers series of articles on Newsarama

Newsarama has been running a get-to-know-the-new-New-Avengers series of articles with Bendis. Mainly it’s been about what’s going to happen after Civil War, when there are two teams of Avengers (New Avengers features one, Mighty Avengers will feature the other). This has links to the first three of the articles in this series. More are coming on Monday!

Day One: Echo/Ronin
David Mack’s creation from Daredevil (two different stints on the book)
Here’s what Bendis said about his friend’s creation:?
“Echo is the character who’s been in the New Avengers who has the most unanswered questions surrounding her. She had a one arc storyline and in this arc Captain America picked her to stay in Japan and deal with the growing threat of the disorganized Japanese underworld, which she took a heavy interest in being part of. We still don’t know a lot about how she got from Kingpin assassin to New Avengers ally, and why she wears the Ronin suit – why she dresses up like a man. I know a lot of people want to know this. So all of this will be answered in issue #27, which not only answers all these questions, but also debuts this new team of New Avengers.”

Day Two: Ronin
Bendis: “Once Echo is done is Japan, there will be no need for her to be Ronin anymore. The suit – the identity – will have served its purpose. There will be another person in the Marvel Universe without a theme… without a motivation … or who may have lost their desire to wear the costume they were wearing, and this person will don the costume as the masterless samurai of the Marvel Universe for the time to come.”

So, I guess, it’s a different Ronin? I bet on Elektra.

Day Three: Dr. Strange
It’s apparently now the Defenders or something. I don’t think I like this, but I’ll trust BMB to pull something off and surprise me.
Bendis: “Doctor Strange, as has been shown in issue #6 of Civil War, kind of sat it out. He kind of took a Gandhi stance, and when the war pans out the way it pans out, it really shocks a lot of characters in the Marvel Universe to the very core of their beings and results in them changing their minds about a lot of things. And once Doc Strange sees the results of the war in reality, and not just in theory, it shakes him, and he realizes his ‘Gandhi-status’ may have been a huge mistake, and now he’s in a position to try to at least rectify that and he blames himself and his inaction for what the end results are.”

Day Four: Jack Bauer
Just kidding.

More to come!

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