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Bendis! Review: NEW AVENGERS #22

Fanboy, you must have had a rough day or something or I would have never beaten you to the punch in reviewing the latest issue of New Avengers (#22 to be precise), featuring my main man, Luke Cage. (Did you like how I slipped in that “main man” thing? I’m going for a retro-blaxploitation vibe.)

As with all of the Marvel Comics I read, or so it seems, it’s tied in with the on-going Civil War storyline. This issue takes place just a few hours before the midnight superhero registration deadline imposed by the government and backed by Iron Man, Reed Richards and many of the other costumed heroes. Spider-Man has, of course, already come out of the proverbial closet and revealed himself to be Peter Parker. Captain America has already lined up squarely on the other side.

That’s where this issue starts. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel are trying to pressure Luke and his new wife, Jessica Jones, to sign up. They don’t want to. Luke doesn’t believe it’s right and Jessica’s no longer active as a super-powered hero. She’s just a mom to their baby daughter.

Anyhow, both sides make great pitches based on their arguments, but this issue did the most to put me into Captain America’s camp, along with the Falcon, Giant Man, Daredevil, and some others. Man, this was a great read, and it is a MUST READ if you’re into the whole superhero game. Great stuff from Bendis and guest artist Leinil Yu.


This entry written by… Cal.

2 Responses to “Bendis! Review: NEW AVENGERS #22”

  1. Me says:

    Cal –
    The only reason you beat me to the punch was I was writing my reviews of Powers #19 and Highlander #0 which also came out today, you mutant.

    On the other hand, I agree with you. Rockin’ issue!

  2. Cal says:

    Oh, please, Fanboy! Excuses, excuses!