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Bendis! Review: POWERS #19

It’s been too long since the last issue of Powers, but here’s the latest fix. I think this one actually had more sex in it than the monkey sex issue (which is probably like the gold standard of weird sex in quasi-mainstream comic books, but maybe that’s just my opinion).

Anyhow, it’s the start of a new story arc, “Secret Identity,” the first story to take place after Detective Christian Walker received new powers and became a member of the galactic patrol known as The Millennium Guard, which seems to be something close to the Green Lantern Corps in the Powers universe, only cooler because, well, Green Lantern? I mean, REALLY. What a name. And now I shall be known as the Purple Penlight. Heh.

Anyhow, Mike Oeming has an incredible style and he can draw hot women. Man, I hope that’s not too sexist or too geekish, even thought it probably is. I mean, I hear some guys at my local shop talk about what they’d like to do to She-Hulk, but that’s not where I’m going with this because, ew! It’s just lines on paper, boys!

Oeming’s work is so stylized that you don’t expect something to be… “sensual” might be the wrong word, and I’m not sure what the right one is, but he’s so stylized you don’t expect him to have the “average” women be attractive. And yet they’re very cool looking.

And as usual, King Bendis just rocks out on the script. Glad to see Powers back. Now if it could only come out on a regular basis!

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