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Bendis, The Greek Goddess?

Whoa — my idol shares a name with a Greek goddess?

According to Wikipedia.com, “Bendis was a Thracian goddess of the hunt whom the Greeks identified with Artemis, and hence with the other two aspects of the former Minoan Triple Goddess, Hecate and Persephone. She was a huntress, like Artemis, but was accompanied by dancing satyrs and maenads on a fifth century red-figure stemless cup (at Verona). More than Olympian Artemis, Bendis remained a night-goddess, which linked her with Hecate. Her cult was introduced into Attica by immigrant Thracian residents, and became so popular that in Plato’s time (ca. 430 BCE) its festivities were naturalized as an official ceremonial of the city-state, called the Bendideia.”

I can’t decide if this is cool, or just plain weird.

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