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Captain America…DOA?!?

You’re kidding me.

No way.

No freakin’ way!

This is bull.

There is so much wrong with this that I can’t even start to explain it all.

This entry written by…Me.

7 Responses to “Captain America…DOA?!?”

  1. angy says:

    kewl poem, but i really hate goths!… awsome!

  2. Pink Floyd says:

    Eh. I was never too big of a Captain America fan. Him surrendering at the end of Civil War #7 made me hate him.Sure, i guess his surrender was well justified.But still. Long Live the New New Avengers

  3. Meg says:

    Ah, give him a few months. He’ll be back. This is comic books we’re talking about, right?

  4. Dude#127429 says:

    Come on its a comic book Captn A will be back, hell he was a zombie at one point yeah his death was shocking and even made the front page on a few newspapers but the Skipper of a things USofA will return like I said its comic universe after all

  5. Me says:

    Well, yeah, sure he’ll be back. But how? And when?

    And it’s still TOTALLY lame for Captain America to die because he got shot in the back by a sniper. He should die defusing a bomb that could kill thousands of people or something like that.

  6. Rogue says:

    Totally wrong to off Captain America. He is one of the few characters out there who never loses track of his moral compass. And he can be good and do the right thing w/o being a boy scout (like Supes – ugh!)). I mean, Cap kicks people in the nuts!

    I think it was also kinda dumb to off him for more common sensical reasons – like he’s one of the few superheroes left who’s really kid-friendly. >_

  7. Me says:

    I was talking to Cal yesterday and he said that he thinks Cap is even MORE of a Boy Scout than Superman because Cap is always prepared. He HAS to be because he’s just a man. Superman is always being caught off-guard. Did you ever notice that? He’s always hearing a plane fall or something and then he rushes off to catch it.

    Cap, though, would know that the plane was going to fall in advance and be ON the plane to stop it. Or something.

    I don’t know if I agree, but Cal usually has good ideas.