Entertainment Weekly to Marvel: Hello? Is this thing on?

Hey, take a look at this.

Everyone in comics is on and on, like it’s such big thing that regular magazines like Entertainment Weekly and so on cover comic books now. Seriously, take a look at something like that even just a few years ago and it was big news in the comic book world.

The Spider-Man and X-Men movies changed that. I’m sure Sin City and Batman Begins helped, too.

But what the heck is Marvel thinking? How can they not send this guy review copies? I mean, I’m not talking about them sending ME review copies for this blog, right? (Okay, on the really, really off chance that anyone at Marvel wants to send me review copies for this blog, please just email me. Once I regain consciousness, I’ll send you all my contact info.)

Sorry for the digression.

Anyhow, isn’t Marvel in the business of promoting and selling their characters in movies, TV, videos and comics? Didn’t it all start with the comics? Why the heck are they not doing this?

One Response to “Entertainment Weekly to Marvel: Hello? Is this thing on?”

  1. Fanboy says:

    Cal –

    I read the post on EW’s site, and the guy’s right: Powers just rocks. I love Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers and his run on Daredevil was awesome, but there’s something about Powers. Maybe it’s the unrestrained language, maybe it’s the violence, the relationship between the Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim… maybe it’s the crime, the weird powers, the monkey sex, who knows…? Having read Jinx and Torso I definitely wish Bendis did more crime books (Daredevil almost qualified, just by mood and art style). This is my one regular fix of him doing a crime book, even with the superheroes in it. Glad to see others agreeing.