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    "A darkly entertaining first novel ..."

    --Tom Perrotta (Election, Little Children)


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Free Comic Book Day Discovery

The store I went to for Free Comic Book Day was also having a sale. Everything in the back issue bins was a dollar.

I picked up, sort of at random, Superman Annual #12, mainly because I liked the cover, I think.

Anyhow, I was reading the letters page and this one had a letter from DAVE GIBBONS, the artist of Watchmen and a man who has collaborated with Alan Moore several times. He was writing about their work on Superman Annual #11. How cool is that, Fanboy?

See, this is the stuff you miss out on when you just plunk down your $$ for a TPB. You gotta go back to the source — there’s all kinds of cool stuff out there that you never knew about.

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