Hey, Slate — Shut the hell up!

So, did everyone see this article on Slate?

It’s mainly about Heroes, which I love, but it’s a real backhanded slap at comics.

Man, I think it’s a bunch of crap. “Starting in the 1980s…” Look I’m not the oldest comic fan I know, not even close really, but has this writer ever checked out the Essentials line from Marvel. I mean, I figure on his big Slate.com salary he could afford to purchase a copy of Stan Lee’s early Spider-Man stuff, which is all about the characters and their troubles… or the X-Men, either the originals or the ’70s team, which was always, always, always about issues bigger than their powers.

And if he doesn’t want to spend the money on black and white reprints he could always save up for that copy of Giant Size X-Men #1 in the display case at our local comic shop.

Or, you know, a clue.

This entry written by…Cal.

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