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More New “New Avengers” with Bendis

Newsarama put two more of the new New Avengers characters out there at the same time… and with good reason. These guys go together like salt and pepper, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, or pants (you never really get one pant, do you?): Powerman & Iron Fist. Way cool!

Luke Cage

Bendis has obvious really delved into Luke’s personality through his appearances in Alias, The Pulse, Daredevil and New Avengers. Here’s part of what he said to Newsarama about him: “Luke Cage will now rise to be the leader of the team. He almost had a …hmmm, let’s says a ‘King Arthur’ heaviness in him in New Avengers #22, where he made decisions to fight for what he believes in no matter what the cost to himself or his family. And now here he is having survived the war and kind of being put in position to lead the team to where it needs to go. He is, of all of them, the biggest believer in that what happened to the New Avengers in the first arcs – in the Savage Land, discovering there is something rotten in S.H.I.E.L.D. – is all connected, all the way from House of M, to the Secret Wars, to Civil War … that there has been something pulling at them this whole time, and they’re going to get right back to trying to figure out what it all is and putting it all together.

Iron Fist

Bendis said: “I’m glad we’ve put them together as a reveal because…Yes, the ‘Heroes for Hire’ [see below] are back together again. Danny went through a lot during Civil War. He’s got his Rand Corporation and we’re discovering a lot about him in his series by Ed [Brubaker] and Matt [Fraction], and this is the book where you get to see that information effecting the Marvel heroes in his life. This is a really good time to be an Iron Fist fan and a ‘Power Man & Iron Fist’ fan. They are going to achieve a lot in the coming months.

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