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    When Mom first told me that she was pregnant, I thought I'd puke.... A week or so later, I e-mailed Planned Parenthood and had them send a bunch of brochures about abortion to our address. That didn't go over very well.


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New Avengers Newsarama Finale

Bendis had a two-day wrap-up on Newsarama for his new New Avengers coverage. First, he dealt with Spidey and I thought he had some really good insights. I don’t know why it is that he’s right, but just give it a read and you’ll see that he totally gets it:

He said, “There is nothing better in the whole history of literary fiction than a guilt-ridden Peter Parker, and we have the ‘King Kong’ of guilt-ridden Peter Parker’s now, on this team, trying to make amends for all the damage that was done and all the damage he did in outing himself and dealing with the disastrous implications of what happened since.”

And yes, it starts with Spidey in the black costume.

There’s some cool art, too, so check out the whole article.

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