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New Bendis!

It’s always cause for celebration when word of a new Bendis title hits!

Check it out: way back when, I blogged about New Avengers: Illuminati, which was written by — yes — Bendis. And only did a little something like set up a little something called, oh, Civil War! (It’s my opinion that CW would not have had such a great launch if not for the awesome prep work by guys like Bendis. But that’s just my opinion.)

Well, now Bendis is back with the Illuminati for a five-issue mini-series called, uh, well… The Illuminati. (Why come up with another name when you’ve already got a perfect one?) He’s going to co-write this thing with Brian Reed and the art will be by Jimmy Cheung, who made everyone swoon with Young Avengers.

This series is going to ROCK!
And rock hard.

Go read the interview at Newsarama. Bendis is pulling out all the stops here, taking a trip through Marvel history to expose the Illuminati’s past. And things will have repercussions in the characters’ “home” titles, too! Oh, man, I can’t wait.

Read the interview; check out the ungodly cool preview art. And add The Illuminati to your pull list…now!

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