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    "Other people are just...there." She drags heavily on the cigarette, blows a stream of smoke out the window, then flicks the butt out after it. "If they aren't helping, they're just in the way. Weave around them, knock them over, do whatever you have to, but get past them."


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Okay, this is stretching it a little…

Everyone knows I’m the biggest Bendis fan this side of anywhere, but today’s “Meet the New Avengers” installment is officially lame.

I mean, it’s Wolverine. Guess we don’t know anything about HIM!

I’m sure it will be better tomorrow.

Seriously, it just about has to be!

Bendis said, ““Another character not in the crux of the major war, but was part of the New Avengers because of the deal he made with them. He’s kind of the eternal underdog. He and Luke Cage have similar beliefs in regards to what’s going on in the Marvel Universe right now and Wolverine sticks with the group to see if through, because he made a commitment to them…”

This entry written by… Me.

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