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Pittsburgh Comicon follow-up

There was a Bendis panel on Saturday and it was totally packed. Beyond packed. Beyond standing room only. He didn’t say much that I hadn’t read online, but he was really funny and still seemed pretty genuine.

I met Jamal Igle, the artist on DC’s Firestorm. I hadn’t read the book previously, but I thought it looked sort of cool. I picked up a couple issues at the show and I liked it. I’m definitely going to try to find some of the previous ones. Jamal was really cool and easy to talk to. He’s the first artist I ever heard admit that a book was kicking his ass, but that he was enjoying working through the challenges. After hearing him say that, I paid more attention to what the creators I talked to were really saying… and some of them were talking the same way.

Billy Tucci, the creator of Shi, only came in on Saturday rather than Friday. His wife just had a baby and ended up back in the hospital. He’s going to be drawing his first Marvel book, Heroes for Hire. I went to the panel that he and Jimmy Palmiotti had, and it sounds like a cool series with definite “Civil War” implications.

That’s all I can remember. Dog tired today after the trip back.

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