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    "Other people are just...there." She drags heavily on the cigarette, blows a stream of smoke out the window, then flicks the butt out after it. "If they aren't helping, they're just in the way. Weave around them, knock them over, do whatever you have to, but get past them."


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Review: New Avengers #23

Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman and she’s one messed up chick. We saw why in Spider-Woman: Origin, but rather than make her tiresome it makes her very, very compelling. (Man, I hope that doesn’t say something about my preference in women. That would suck.) Anyhow, back to the matter at hand: This issue of New Avengers focuses on Jessica Drew and the side she’s basically forced to chose in the Civil War story. Really, really cool issue. Olivier Coipel’s art is actually better than it was on House of M. I didn’t think I’d like this as much as the Luke Cage issue, but I did!

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