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Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #97

Ultimate Spider-Man #97
Bendis / Bagley / Dell & Sibal


Okay, truth be told, I wasn’t that crazy about the whole Morbius storyline. It wasn’t bad, but it just felt… no, on the scale of Bendis stuff, it was bad. I mean, the guy’s (probably) human and is entitled to screw up like the rest of us… and those issues were still better than 90% of the comics that came out those weeks, but no, they weren’t up to his standards. Now, though, we can relax. Under the unlikely title of “The Clone Saga – Part 1,” Bendis and Bagley get back to what really drives this book — Peter Parker’s dating life. MJ just suddenly popped back into the picture (okay, she was never OUT, but you know what I mean) and that causes problems with Kitty Pryde… and yeah, there’s a bad guy and at least one monumental twist. Definitely a keeper, this one.

In a week without any other Bendis books, well, this one made up for the absence of others. Give it a read.

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