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RIP Alex Toth

A lot of people my age haven’t heard of Alex Toth, who just passed away — and I would have been among them if my cousin hadn’t given me a copy of the Image Comics collection of his Zorro work from decades ago. The reprint collection was in black and white (I found out later the originals were in color — I’ve still never seen them), which usually is enough to get me to pass it up… so I didn’t read it right away.

But I ended up bored and out of new things to read and it was just sitting there. When I opened it up, there wasn’t anything flashy about the panels. I thought, “Bor-ring!” and put it down. But a few more hours of nothing to do and I was back at it. I like the character and all, so I thought I might as well give it a try.

About 30 pages in I forgot that I thought it was boring. In fact, I’m now amazed that I ever thought that. Toth’s work is incredible. It looks simple, and maybe even boring, but in truth it’s just spectacular, solid storytelling. I read more than 200 pages without even taking a break. It’s incredible stuff.

And now he’s gone.

There’s still a lot about him I don’t know, but he designed Space Ghost, and worked on the cartoons Challenge of the Superfriends and Jonny Quest, among others. He worked for many different comic book publishers, so there’s still a lot out there for me to find.

If you haven’t seen his Zorro, though, and you consider yourself a comic book fan, seek it out. It’s on Amazon if your comic shop doesn’t have it.

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