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Roger Clemens = $22 Million?

Okay, give this a read:

HOUSTON (AP) — Roger Clemens has agreed to a $22 million contract to pitch for the Houston Astros for the rest of 2006.

The 43-year-old Clemens, who will be entering his 23rd major league season, is agreeing first to a minor league contract that pays $322,000 over the five-month minor league season, and his first start is likely to be at Lexington, Ky., the Class A team where his oldest son, Koby, plays.

If all goes well, his second minor-league start would be June 11 at Double-A Corpus Christi, Texas, followed by a start June 16 at Triple-A Round Rock, Texas.

Clemens announced his return Wednesday at a news conference.

Now, seriously, anyone — ANYONE — who knows me knows I have no problem with sports stars making a lot of money. Someday it would be cool to be a sports star making a lot of money…

But (and you knew there was one coming, right?)… but $22 million for part of a season? C’mon!

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