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The Big Dream…

Okay, first things first. This isn’t the biggest dream ever.

It’s not even my biggest dream.

But it’s a dream, and a big one.

I want to go to Comic-Con International: San Diego. The one the older guys still call the San Diego Comic-Con (Hey, I’ve read a bunch of old letters pages. It used to be called that).

Anyhow, I was talking to the manager at my local comic shop and he started telling me how expensive it is and how the local hotels are all sold out in February and the con isn’t until July… and I guess it’s really expensive for the retailers to set up, too…

But who cares? We’re talking about dreams.

All of those comic book creators and movie companies and TV stars in one place to promote what they’ve got coming up? I am SO ready to go.

Not that I think I’m going this year.

But a guy can dream, right?

You want to take a look at the guest list? Visit http://www.comic-con.org, and then let me know if you get what I’m talking about.


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