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The first computer-generated comic book

Wow. A little piece of history is discussed here. The book in question is called Shatter, and it was the first computer-generated graphic novel, way back in 1984. Honestly, I didn’t even know they HAD Macs back then!

I’ve heard of Shatter — some of the guys at Comi-Corps talk about it — and another old computer GN called Crash that Marvel put out, starring Iron Man (cool idea…). This was beyond the bleeding edge back in the day. I mean, I guess it was really tough to do this sort of thing back then, so it’s kinda cool that people pushed forward and persevered and made it happen.

I haven’t read Shatter (though I’d REALLY like to, if anyone out there has a copy — hint, hint), so I can’t say whether or not this reviewer is clued-in or clueless. I guess it would be like looking at some of those old Marvel Masterworks or those ANCIENT DC Archives and trying to compare the linework to modern techniques. Still, sometimes you can learn something from those hoary old comics.

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4 Responses to “The first computer-generated comic book”

  1. Rowen says:

    I Own(ed) this comic book(not sure yet if it survived my basement flood this summer…) anyway It had pretty decent art work that pushed the abilitys of the software they were using at the time, but the story line was utterly bizzare. the first issue set in chicago it follows the life of a temp in the far future, as he temps as a cop, and then a bounty hunter seeking a women who gunned down a bunch of CEOs that ground up her boyfriends brain to usurp his musical talent, and he(shatter)takes the job of capturing her because he is craving Coca-Cola (which isn’t made anymore) and someone is selling a canister of coke surup for exactly the same price that is on her head…coinsidence, I think not. anyway it was advertised on the back cover that Shatter was supposed to co-star in the next months issue of another comic book, but as I didn’t buy this book ’till probably 6 years after it was reliesed(it was in the quarter bin) I have no idea if this ever came to pass, or if any other issues were ever released, thats acctually what i was trying to find out when I came upon this blog…


  2. Me says:

    I wish I knew, dude. That was soooo far before my time. Thanks for the description of the story — sounds whacked! What were they smoking back in the 80s?

  3. thank you for establishing the book I enjoyed it very will.

  4. Mahlon says:


    Here’s a link for eBay. It ends 12. Jan. 07, just so you know, and it also appears to be the only one at the moment. Zero bids, and it starts at $3.99, and the shipping is $5.