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The Terrell Owens Experience

The out-of-control-superstar-sports-figure is becoming as big a cliche as the guy who comes up to the movie hero and says “We need you back,” as if there’s no one else in the billions of people in the world who can do whatever it is the guy has to do…

This seems like a regular refrain for me right now, but is an athlete worth this much? And in this case, “this much” isn’t the money — it’s the headaches.

IRVING – The Terrell Owens experience in Dallas started with a bang Friday as the free agent wide receiver faced a throng of about 50 media members in his first “meeting with the press” and then quietly dazzled in an afternoon practice.

This is the guy who, while playing for the 49ers, stood on the star at Texas stadium and flat out taunted the other team and the Dallas fans. I don’t even like the Cowboys and that pissed me off.

“You grow and learn from mistakes, and I think I’ve done that,” he said. “I’ve had a long time to sit back and think about things that have transpired over the last year or so, I think I’ve learned from that.”

When asked about Owens’ rocky relationship with the Eagles, he declined to go into details. However, he said he wanted to work on things in career.

“I plan on being a better person and obviously a better teammate,” he said.

This is the same guy who demanded to be traded from the 49ers, wouldn’t go to Baltimore, demanded to go to Philadelphia, and then actually got himself canned at Philadelphia. Now he’s among the Cowboys, who had supposedly being trying to get away from their criminal repuation.

Pardon me if I think of MI:3. This team will self destruct in one season.

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