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Ultimate Spider-Man – Volume 16

Remember how positive I was about USM #99 and how I thought maybe the issues before it had been somewhat… lacking? Well, I was right.

Only it’s worse than I remembered. I just picked up the trade paperback (it was sort of a slow week for me, though I did pick up a few other comics) Ultimate Spider-Man – Volume 16. It includes USM #91-96 and USM Annual #2 (which, you know, I swear came out like two weeks ago), the “Deadpool,” “Morbius,” and Jean DeWolfe stories. Okay, I was probably a little harsh on the Morbius tale. In re-reading it, it was pretty cool. The Jean DeWolfe thing, too, was good.

But Deadpool blew chunks, Fanboy. I liked the moments about Peter Parker’s and Kitty Pryde’s relationship, but the rest of it has to be the worst stuff Bendis ever did. In his favor, everyone’s got to screw up sometime and he followed it with three good and one great stories (the current Clone Saga is the great one, actually). Man, somebody tell me he was drunk and his developmentally challenged offiice assistant filled in for him! If I wanted to read Ultimate X-Men, I’d still be buying it! And three cheers for the lamest villains he’s ever created, too. Geez, man, I can’t believe this is written by the same guy!

Well, vent mode OFF, everyone is entitled to a mistake. Let’s chalk it up to illness and just move onto the great stuff, like the current story.

This entry written by… Cal.

3 Responses to “Ultimate Spider-Man – Volume 16”

  1. Me says:

    Dude, what are you smoking and can you get your money back?

    On his WORST day, Bendis’s writing never “blew chunks.” How can you say that the Kitty/Peter stuff was good and then diss the rest of the story? That stuff was the emotional CORE of the story!

    All I can say is, if I ever someday get the chance to write a comic book, I just hope it’s one tenth as resonant as the relationship between Kitty and Peter.

  2. Cal says:

    RUCrazy? U know I’m into Bendis, but I think you just need a girlfriend or something.

    Mary Jane or Gwen any day — I mean, seriously, you’ve got to give up the crack, Fanboy.

    Did you actually read USM #99?

  3. Me says:

    Duh, yes I read #99. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

    I would date any of them — Mary Jane, Gwen, OR Kitty.