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Whassup with “Mighty Avengers?”

OK, so I was gone for a couple weeks on the Dreaded Family Vacation (complete with Annoying Reunion), but now I’m back and I’m reading about this series MIGHTY AVENGERS. It took me a minute, but I gather it’s a new series, not just a re-titled NEW AVENGERS. Now that Luke Cage is with Captain America in the whole CIVIL WAR event, I’m more into that than I have been, but what’s the idea of MIGHTY AVENGERS compared to NEW AVENGERS?


4 Responses to “Whassup with “Mighty Avengers?””

  1. Me says:

    Cal –

    I totally get your confusion. When this was first announced, people kept saying “new Avengers title” and they were taking that as meaning the same thing as “New Avengers title,” which it could be – but didn’t necessarily have to be. Does that make sense? Anyway, here’s what CBR said about it: “Shortly after Civil War wraps up, Bendis’s job chronicling the adventures of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will become larger. In addition to writing New Avengers, Bendis will also be providing scripts and Frank Cho will be providing art for Mighty Avengers, a new monthly series set to debut shortly after the final issue of Civil War is released.”

    Bendis says the two teams will have totally different agendas and that will reflect the outcome of Civil War.

    You KNOW I’m waiting for this one!

  2. Cal says:

    Dude –

    Got it. I’m sure you were ready for this book before they even thought of it!


  3. Me says:

    No kidding! I really liked it when Frank Cho, who is going to be the Mighty Avengers artist, filled in on a couple of New Avengers issues centering on Spider-Woman (remember all the drooling freaks online when they saw Cho’s Spider-Woman cover for New Avenges #14? Gack!). Anyhow, I think Bendis has done a pretty good job of tailoring the scripts for New Avengers to the various artists – although I’m getting tired of the changes already – it will be cool to see him writing a regular series with Cho’s art in mind.

  4. Cal says:

    I’m with you on this one. Looking forward to it.