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X-Men: The Last Stand

I love it when a comic book movie is good and does well at the box office.

This morning as I was getting up I heard that the third X-Men movie has opened huge, the third or fourth best all-time for three days to go for the weekend.

What’s even better is that an online buddy of mine let me know ahead of time to stay through the credits. I watched more than 3/4 of the audience leave during the credits and man, they really missed something major.

See it. Wait through the credits. Thank me afterward.


This entry written by… Cal.

X-Men: The Last Stand contains probably the best superhero battle ever filmed, the characters are good, and the story’s great. I guess they’re doing the Wolverine prequel next? It’ll probably be good, too, but I wish there was another X-movie. Right. now.

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