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Kyra with the GGR cover!

An early copy of Goth Girl Rising came to my via UPS. And my God, people — this cover is so freakin' gorgeous in person I just had to take a picture of it for you. Along with a Kyra minimate standing in front of it like George C. Scott, of course!

Check it out! And click for a larger image.


Kyra with GGR cover


9 Responses to “Kyra with the GGR cover!”

  1. Saulot_chihuas says:

    Good to know. I´ll buy it soon.

    anybody knows if some editorial sells a spanish version of those books?

    I had troubles buying the english version, because i don´t live in the US

  2. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    There’s no Spanish version yet. Sorry. 🙁

  3. Diana says:

    Will you have a contest again where we might be able to get a signed copy of the book??
    I have the two copies of The Adventures of FanBoy and GothGirl!!! The version before it was published (sent out to local book stores) and then the version that was published and I had the HUGE honor or you signing it!!!! It was amazing!!
    I can’t wait to read the sequel!!!!

  4. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    @Diana: Probably! Right now, there are some minimates contests going on. I’m sure we’ll run a book contest, too.

  5. Katt says:


  6. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    It’s already out! See this entry: http://fanboyandgothgirl.com/the-book/happy-goth-girl-rising-day/

  7. delilah65 says:


  8. Dana Magee says:

    Just read the book and I adore it! I also love the cover EXCEPT for the hair. I think It sorta throws off the story a bit. Love it to pieces tho

  9. Victoria/Gothgirl says:

    This book is badass but it kind of pisses me off that Kyra thinks the same way i do i mean i dont like to be like anyone else and its true people suck i agree with that but i still hate it that you made Kyra like me.