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Letter: Dear Neil (2)

(Written by Kyra Sellers) [NOTE from the writer: Some asshole hacked into my computer at home and stole a bunch of private letters that I was never going to send anyway. He’s posting them on the web and I can’t stop him.]

Dear Neil,

What the HELL?

I guess I’ve been behind the times or something because I just now saw that you’re writing some bullshit series for MARVEL, of all people.

You know, when you did that 1602 thing for them a couple of years back, I was like “whatever” because even though it was Marvel it wasn’t REALLY Marvel, you know? It was more like you were making a statement, saying to Marvel: “Your characters and your universe are so shitty that I need to subtract 400 years from them in order to make them palatable.” And then you went ahead and did all of their characters and all of their stories BETTER than they did and without any of the trappings or fall-backs they have in place.

OK, fine, I respect that. Sort of. (Still think it was a waste of your time, though.)

But now you’re doing this “Eternals” thing? What the hell is up with that? It will “change the Marvel Universe forever!” says one listing I read. Oh, puh-lease! That’s just more of the hype bullshit that superhero fanboy wankers drool over. Get over it! Stop pissing around in the superhero kiddie pool and PLEASE go write something that actually matters!


10 Responses to “Letter: Dear Neil (2)”

  1. DinaDisaster says:

    I have just completed your book it totally rocked. Do you have any others coming out?

  2. Steph-from-Sellers says:

    HELLO, uhh yeah Mr.Lyga said that he’s not sure if he is going to have a sequel or not, but he does have more books he is hoping to have out soon. Of ewhich I won’t meton caus e he might not apperciate it…so yeah uhh I think I’ve already siad to much!

  3. Kaiser says:

    Got the book yesterday and finished this morning. Couldnt put it down. It was a great book and it would be awesome if there was a sequel. That way we could find out what happends with Kyra and fanboy.

  4. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    Check out the interview with the author (link in the sidebar) for a tease about his next book.

  5. Manman says:

    hey, the book was amazing… tell lyga that hes an awesome writter… he has a lot of emotion pack into those words. keep up the Amazing work and PLEASE write another book…SOON

  6. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    Barry’s next book — Boy Toy — will be out in October 2007.

  7. lynn says:

    eeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait. hey can you send me the info my libray would need to order it?

  8. HollywoodTRASH says:

    Err Hey
    When i First Got Fanboy And Goth Girl i didn’t Know What i Was In For, I just thought the Cover was Cool, lol.
    i Normally Get Books By Louise Rennison, But It Was A Good Change, I think It Was More of A Boy Book But I liked It. And I Was Just wondering If Any Other books We’re Coming Out Any Time Soon. Keep up the Good Work

  9. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    Hey, HollywoodTRASH — check out comment #6 in this thread for info on the next book! And welcome to the site!

  10. Ryan says:

    This book was beyond beautiful………. i feel in love with Kyra………literally my heart hurt after i finished the book…………reminded me of so many lost loves……………sadly I felt like Barry, was taping my house. All the arguments with Fan-boy and his mom sound exactly like mine and my mom. I mean verbatim