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    "Here is a novel that contains both the hopeful resilience of childhood and the shadow of despair. It takes graphic novels seriously as an art form and gives no easy answers. What a find."

    Sonja Bolle, Newsday


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A Fanboy Community?

Here at the state-of-the-art FanboyandGothGirl.com headquarters, we like to keep you updated on all happenings big and small. No, no, don’t thank us — it’s our job.

So, we thought you might be interested in this: A Fanboy LiveJournal community! A fan of the books set it up as a place for Fanboy fans to gather and share stories, comments, etc. The community is brand-new, so you could help shape it as it grows.

If you want to check it out, visit: http://community.livejournal.com/fanboy_gothgirl/

One Response to “A Fanboy Community?”

  1. e t559 says:

    good book I liked it some parts could be beter 🙂