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    "Other people are just...there." She drags heavily on the cigarette, blows a stream of smoke out the window, then flicks the butt out after it. "If they aren't helping, they're just in the way. Weave around them, knock them over, do whatever you have to, but get past them."


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Barry Online in Second Life

On February 2, Barry appeared (as an avatar) in Teen Second Life for the Second Life Literary Festival. The event was lots of fun, with a presentation of the Fanboy VidLit, a Q&A session, and a raffle for signed copies of the book.

Click on the image below to check out the pics…

Teen Second Life images

One Response to “Barry Online in Second Life”

  1. Robin Brande says:

    Dude, that is so UNBELIEVABLY cool. Truly, truly awesome. But, um, what’s with your blue hair?