• From the book...

    "Comic book wannabe."

    "Ha! Wannabe? You want to talk about that? You're a freakin' Goth wannabe. You're a Neil Gaiman wannabe. You're a suicide wannabe."


Welcome to the Fanboy and Goth Girl web site! Browse the site for information about the book, an excerpt, VidLit link, images, and more.

You'll also get a chance to meet the main characters from the book through their blogs and letters.

Fanboy, Famous in Arizona?

Well, maybe not famous. But certainly well-known at this point, thanks to some graduate students at Arizona State University!

A group of grad students in the education field were so taken with the novel that they’ve created a special “WebQuest” to help teachers use the novel as a teaching tool. There’s a synopsis, questions to answer, links to information about comics and comic book culture, and more.

It’s a very cool site and a great resource for educators who want to use the book in the classroom. You can check it out on ASU’s web site.

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