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    "Other people are just...there." She drags heavily on the cigarette, blows a stream of smoke out the window, then flicks the butt out after it. "If they aren't helping, they're just in the way. Weave around them, knock them over, do whatever you have to, but get past them."


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Goth Girl Rising on Sale…for $1000???

OK, I knew that people were eager for Goth Girl Rising, but $1,000? For a used copy? That's ridiculous!

(As always, click to embiggen.)


Amazon screen capture


I circled the price and my favorite part, explaining that this copy "may have been withdrawn from library circulation."

Yeah, right.

Given that I just two days ago sent the proof pages back to my editor, I'm reasonably certain there are no copies in existence — new OR used.

Obviously, the whole thing's a screw-up, but I thought it was pretty funny. Most likely someone entered the wrong ISBN when planning to sell another book and got mine instead.

But it's still up on Amazon, so for the time being I'm going to pretend that someone, somewhere, thinks a book that doesn't exist yet is worth a thousand bucks. 🙂

One Response to “Goth Girl Rising on Sale…for $1000???”

  1. Rorschach says:

    henh. looks like a deal.