Hero-Type is Now in Stores!

Hey, good news! Hero-Type is now available in stores! You can grab the book at your local chain or independent bookstore, or — of course — online at Amazon, BN.com, or any number of other outlets. It should also be showing up in libraries.

If your local store doesn't have Hero-Type on the shelves, it's possible that they haven't gotten their copies yet. Head to the information desk and ask the nice person there for your Brookdale fix. 🙂

Oh and hey — if you like the book, please feel free to put up a review on Amazon or BN.com or anywhere. Word of mouth always helps. Thanks!

7 Responses to “Hero-Type is Now in Stores!”

  1. Brian Dolan says:

    Holy Crap! I just got done with this book after 2 days… It was amazing! Lyga better not disappoint with his next one or else I may not be able to let go of my bullet.

  2. Katie says:

    totally know what you mean just read and its great!!!!

  3. Dana says:

    Hey, I just read the first Chapter of Hero-Type.. it’s really good. I would read the whole book but they don’t sell it at my book store.. they don’t sell any of your books. It makes me sad bc I really want to read then.. espscially Goth Girl Rises when it comes out. I bought FanBoy and Goth Girl in Ontario in the summer but they don’t sell any of your books at my chapters in Sherwood Park Alberta, you should call them and demand that they do 😀 anyways, good job on the first chapter and I can’t wait to read the rest of the book

  4. FanboyandGothGirl.com says:

    @Dana: Sorry that Chapters isn’t carrying Barry’s books. Sometimes if you ask at the information desk, though, they will order a copy for you, so you might want to try that.

  5. Dana says:

    I oredered Hero-type at Chapters like 2 weeks ago and it still isn’t here.. Im going crazy!!

  6. Dana says:

    haha.. I got hero-type and finished that day. That was amazing! funny thing is, I’m kind of like Leah. I have a creama nd green dress too. But out of all the books, I’m definatly Kyra. Cant wait for the next book, im going insane!

  7. Dana magee says:

    Hey.. again. I just made a video and its uploading on youtube right now. Its kinda like a fan video i made for Barry Lyga. I hope it doens’t give away like anything from the books. Anyways, if you wanna check it out it’s called ‘Barry Lygas Biggest Fan’.