More Fanboy Video!

Hey, if you liked the last fan-video of Fanboy and Kyra, check out this new one. Yeah, they cast Cal as a white kid, but use your imagination, OK?

As before, if you like it, show the creators some love in the YouTube comments!

3 Responses to “More Fanboy Video!”

  1. John K says:

    This is my favorite book!!!!! i fell in love with Kyra…….. i almost wanted to cry when the main character panic of the thought Kyra was going to commit suicide…. i hope there will be VOLUME TWO!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BARRY LYGA!!!!!!!!

  2. nick says:

    john i’m with you there fell in love with kyra. i also agree I. NEED. A. SECOND. BOOK! kyras just too awsome and honest

  3. Josh Carter says:

    Please please let there be a movie. Or at least a part two to the book!

    It felt like it was hanging, yet at the same time, it felt like it ended perfectly.

    I need to know what happened between Kyra and Donnie (Is that really his name, or just a pet name? You never really know)! I’m still kinda confused about the sister thing. I know Kyra didn’t have a sister, but did it mean SHE was pregnant and had a miscarriage?

    And what’s the third thing?? I kept guessing until I went crazy!

    Oh, like John and Nick said, I totally agree. I fell in love with Kyra. Her blunt way of addressing things, the way she doesn’t care what people think… Well, it pretty much makes me wish she was a real person that I could know, lol.

    (Sorry this “comment” is long. I kinda had a lot to say. Heh.)