Neil Gaiman Speaks!

If you’ve read the book, then you know: The two comic book creators who are most important to Fanboy and Goth Girl are Brian Michael Bendis and Neil Gaiman. “Most important” might be an understatement, actually. It’s fair to say there’s some level of obsession going on there.

Anyway, since Messrs. Bendis and Gaiman are real, live people (at least, as real and alive as comic book creators get), many, many readers have wondered: “What do these guys think of being so prominently mentioned in the book?”

Your guess was good as ours…until today.

Neil Gaiman has read the book. Wondering what he thought of it? Well, far be it from us to copy-and-paste from the web site of the illustrious Mr. Gaiman. Clickety-click on over and see for yourself… (It’s the November 14 entry.)

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