Who’s Who?

Welcome to FanboyandGothGirl.com! You’re probably wondering who everyone is…

  • Me” and “Fanboy” are the same person — the narrator of the book, a 15-year-old brainy outcast who’s way too smart and way too sarcastic for his own good. You can see his blog entries here.
  • Cal” is Cal Willingham, Fanboy’s best friend. Cal’s a popular jock, but he’s also smart as hell and loves comic books, especially old comics from the 1980s and even earlier. Cal blogs here.
  • Kyra is the Goth Girl, dark and mysterious and troubled. Someone has hacked into her computer and is busy posting old letters, poems, and private journal entries here.

Enjoy these glimpses into the characters, and get ready to read The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl this fall!